How to Manage Prices in SAP Business One: A Comprehensive Guide

SAP Business One Price

Managing prices effectively is crucial for businesses to ensure their products remain competitive and profitable. SAP Business One offers a variety of tools to manage prices, including price lists, discount groups, and special prices for business partners. However, understanding how to navigate these features requires careful consideration. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you manage prices in SAP Business One.

Price Source Field

One essential aspect of managing prices in SAP Business One is identifying the source of the price. The price source field provides information on the source of prices and discounts on the item row. This field can contain one of the following values:

  • Inactive Pricelist: Indicates that the price list for the business partner is inactive.
  • Active Price List: Means that the price is taken from the business partner price list without discounts.
  • Active Price List, Discount Groups: Shows that the discount is taken from the discount group and the price comes from the price list.
  • Special Prices for Business Partners: Indicates that the price is taken from the Special Prices for Business Partners window.
  • Period and Volume Discount: Shows that the price is taken from the Period and Volume Discounts window.
  • Period and Volume Discount, Discount Groups: Shows that the discount is taken from the Discount Group and the price is taken from the period and volume discount.

Viewing Price Source Field

To view the price source field, it must be set to visible in the form settings. This feature is especially useful when setting up pricing for the first time since it ensures everything is working correctly.

Price List Prioritization

When determining the price, SAP Business One prioritizes the Company Specific Price List over the Customer Specific Price List. This means that if there are conflicting prices between these two lists, the system will select the one maintained in the Company Specific Price List. However, users can change the access sequence for custom pricing tables to meet specific business requirements.

Access Sequence

The access sequence determines how the system calculates the price. For example, if there are Custom Extension Field Specific Prices, they should be at the bottom of the table since they are the most relevant. Users cannot modify the standard Price Lists’ access sequence; however, they can provide feedback at SAP Business One Price ByDesign Ideas forums if changes are necessary.


Managing prices effectively requires careful consideration when setting up pricing strategies in SAP Business One. Understanding the price source field, price list prioritization, and access sequences can help ensure that businesses maintain competitive and profitable product pricing.

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