Navigating Spanish Residency Options: Golden Visa, Beckham Law, and Non-Lucrative Visa

Non Lucrative Visa Spain

Spain offers a variety of residency options to suit different needs, from investment-driven residency to special tax regimes for foreign workers. This article explores three prominent pathways: the Golden Visa Spain, the Beckham Law Spain, and the Non-Lucrative Visa Spain. Each option has its unique benefits and requirements, catering to investors, professionals, and retirees alike.

The Golden Visa Spain

The Golden Visa Spain is designed for non-EU nationals who make a significant investment in the country. This visa offers a fast-track to residency for those who invest in real estate, business projects, or government bonds.

Benefits of the Golden Visa Spain

  1. Residency for the Family: The visa allows the investor, their spouse, and children to obtain residency permits.
  2. No Minimum Stay Requirement: Unlike other visas, the Golden Visa does not require holders to stay in Spain for a minimum period each year.
  3. Path to Permanent Residency and Citizenship: After five years of holding a Golden Visa, one can apply for permanent residency, and after ten years, for Spanish citizenship.
  4. Access to Schengen Zone: Golden Visa holders can travel freely within the Schengen Zone.

Investment Options for the Golden Visa Spain

To qualify for the Golden Visa Spain, applicants must make one of the following investments:

  • Real Estate: Purchase property worth at least €500,000.
  • Business Investment: Invest €1 million in Spanish companies.
  • Bank Deposit: Deposit €1 million in a Spanish bank.
  • Government Bonds: Purchase €2 million in Spanish government bonds.

Application Process for the Golden Visa Spain

  1. Select Investment: Choose and complete the qualifying investment.
  2. Submit Application: Apply for the visa at the Spanish consulate or embassy.
  3. Obtain Residency Permit: Upon approval, obtain your residency permit and start enjoying the benefits.

The Beckham Law Spain

The Beckham Law Spain is a special tax regime for expatriates, designed to attract foreign professionals to Spain by offering a favorable tax rate.

Key Features of the Beckham Law Spain

  1. Tax Rate: Qualifying individuals are taxed at a flat rate of 24% on income up to €600,000 and 47% on income above this threshold.
  2. Duration: The special tax regime is applicable for six years.
  3. Non-Spanish Income: Only income earned in Spain is subject to the flat rate; foreign income remains untaxed.

Eligibility for the Beckham Law Spain

To benefit from the Beckham Law Spain, applicants must:

  • Relocate to Spain for Employment: The law primarily targets those moving to Spain for work.
  • No Spanish Residency in the Previous 10 Years: Applicants must not have been residents of Spain in the decade preceding the application.
  • Apply within Six Months: The application must be made within six months of starting the job in Spain.

Application Process for the Beckham Law Spain

  1. Start Employment: Secure employment in Spain and relocate.
  2. File Application: Apply for the special tax regime within six months of starting your job.
  3. Enjoy Tax Benefits: Once approved, benefit from the favorable tax rates for six years.

The Non-Lucrative Visa Spain

The Non-Lucrative Visa Spain is ideal for non-EU citizens who wish to live in Spain without engaging in any work or professional activities. It is a popular choice for retirees and those with passive income sources.

Benefits of the Non-Lucrative Visa Spain

  1. Family Inclusion: The visa extends to immediate family members.
  2. Renewable Residency: The visa is initially granted for one year and can be renewed for two-year periods.
  3. Path to Permanent Residency: After five years, holders can apply for permanent residency.

Financial Requirements for the Non-Lucrative Visa Spain

Applicants must demonstrate sufficient financial means to support themselves without working:

  • Monthly Income: At least €2,151 for the main applicant and additional funds for each family member.
  • Health Insurance: Proof of private health insurance coverage in Spain.

Application Process for the Non-Lucrative Visa Spain

  1. Gather Documentation: Collect all required documents, including proof of income and health insurance.
  2. Submit Application: Apply at the Spanish consulate or embassy in your home country.
  3. Obtain Visa: Upon approval, receive your visa and move to Spain.


Spain’s residency options cater to a wide array of individuals, from investors and professionals to retirees. The Golden Visa Spain provides a swift path to residency through investment, the Beckham Law Spain offers tax incentives to foreign workers, and the Non Lucrative Visa Spain is perfect for those seeking to enjoy life in Spain without working. Each option comes with distinct benefits and requirements, making it essential to choose the one that best aligns with your personal and financial situation.

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