Whizzinator vs. The Urinator: Which Synthetic Urine Device Reigns Supreme?

Runner 'used FAKE PENIS' to beat dope test - and it's called a WHIZZINATOR  - Mirror Online

When it comes to synthetic urine devices, two names often come up: the Whizzinator and the Urinator. Both are designed to help individuals pass drug tests by providing a realistic and reliable alternative to natural urine. But how do they compare?


The Whizzinator is well-known for its realistic prosthetic design, complete with a fake penis available in various skin tones. It includes synthetic urine, heating pads, and a syringe for easy preparation. The heating pads keep the urine at body temperature for up to eight hours, ensuring a realistic sample. Its discreet design and ease of use make it a popular choice among users.

The Urinator

The Urinator, on the other hand, focuses on maintaining the temperature of the synthetic urine with an electronic heating device. This battery-operated system ensures that the urine remains at the ideal temperature for up to four hours. The Urinator kit includes synthetic urine, a temperature strip, and the electronic heating element. While it lacks the prosthetic realism of the Whizzinator, it excels in temperature regulation.


Realism: The Whizzinator scores higher in realism due to its prosthetic design, which can be crucial in supervised tests.

Temperature Control: The Urinator has a slight edge in temperature control with its reliable electronic heating system, although the Whizzinator’s heating pads are also effective.

Ease of Use: Both devices are user-friendly, but the Whizzinator straightforward setup with heating pads may be simpler for some users compared to the battery-operated Urinator.

Discretion: The Whizzinator’s design is highly discreet, especially for supervised scenarios, whereas the Urinator might require more careful handling.


Choosing between the Whizzinator and the Urinator depends on the specific needs of the user. For those requiring a highly realistic device, the Whizzinator is the preferred choice. However, if maintaining precise temperature control is the priority, the Urinator is a better option. Both devices are effective, but their features cater to different aspects of the synthetic urine test process.

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